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Gibson Ek Holds Spring Design Exhibition

Gibson Ek Holds Spring Design Exhibition

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 3 April, 2018

On Friday, March 16 Gibson Ek High School students proudly participated in the Gibson Ek Design Exhibition, displaying Design Thinking Process projects inspired by their own interests. Project topics varied greatly with students focusing on subjects such as debate, diagnosing Alzheimer’s early, sewing clothing, cosplay, auto detailing, being a Page at the Capitol, and game design, just to name a few.

Family members, peers, and the public were invited to come and see what students had been busy working on this winter. Guests were encourage to ask questions of the students about their projects to help and identify if the project followed the Gibson Ek Design Thinking Process, which goes through 5 stages:

  1. Initiation: What problem or interest prompted them to begin this project?
  2. Discovery: What research was required or questions were asked to help define the project?
  3. Ideation: What was the initial designing and drafting state like?
  4. Prototype: How did they seek feedback and refine their work?
  5. Evolution: What is the final project? 

Students who had not yet reached their stage 5 final project instead showed a plan on where they intended to go in the future. 

The next Gibson Ek Design Exhibition will be held during the 2018-19 school year.