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Gibson Ek Student Creates Gimkit App to Aid in Student Learning

Gibson Ek Student Creates Gimkit App to Aid in Student Learning

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 12 January, 2018
Gibson Ek junior Josh Feinsilber is an innovator! Over the summer he launched Gimlet – now rebranded as Gimkit – a quiz based app that provides students with a fun user experience to aid their education. The app – which quizzes students on subjects such as math, foreign language, science, social studies, language arts, economics, and more - was inspired by Feinsilber’s experience with another electronic based quiz programs, Kahoot. Prior to enrolling at Gibson Ek, Feinsilber used Kahoot in middle and high school for studying and felt some changes could be made to better assist in the learning process. He assembled a team and together they worked on surveying students and educators on comparable products to find out what worked and what didn’t. From that feedback Gimkit was born.

Within Gimkit, instructors are able to create “kits,” which allow them to customize questions for their specific teaching unit by importing curriculum specific quiz items. The app then allows students to answer the questions in no particular order as they study for homework, quizzes, tests, and more. If a question if missed the student is given further opportunities to answer the question later on so that knowledge on the subject matter can be built. 

Currently there are over 10,000 active students on the app and over 500 active teachers utilizing Gimkit in their classrooms. Feinsilber is thrilled with how successful the app has already been and is looking forward to future opportunities to put it into the hands of educators and students across the country.