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Gibson Ek Student Michael Oshima Interns with Cascade Helicopter Services

Gibson Ek Student Michael Oshima Interns with Cascade Helicopter Services

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 4 September, 2018

For the last two years, Michael has been working at Cascade Helicopter Services, learning how to repair helicopters. At his internship, he has been working on large company helicopters that operate from California to Alaska. With many parts costing thousands of dollars, there is little room for carelessness on a day to day basis. As Michael points out, “Helicopters are finely tuned machines that require a lot of attention to be safe, and most of the time it isn’t easy.” Michael explains that, at times, the team is required to take apart an entire helicopter just to put it back together correctly. In this process, he is able to learn how to solve problems and figure out what can be corrected. Personally, his favorite type of helicopter to work on are the medivacs.

Gibson Ek High School is a small innovative high school where students' interests, passions, and talents drive the learning. One major element of the curriculum is the internship program. Two days a week, students are given the opportunity to pursue their career goals by working with community mentors specializing in these areas. If you have an interest in participating in the Learning Through Interests program, please contact Tim Hemker via email at to learn more about how you can become involved.