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Gibson Ek Students Take Second Annual Spring Trip

Gibson Ek Students Take Second Annual Spring Trip

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 30 May, 2018

Gibson Ek High School’s real world learning emphasis was brought into Yosemite National Park this spring as students photographed the natural world, learned about the flora and fauna in the High Sierra Mountains, and pushed themselves physically to climb literal mountains. Learning continued with professional guides educating the group on the local history and geography of where they visited. The guides even provided information about potential careers with the National Parks. 

After finishing up in Yosemite, the students’ trip continued to Point Lobos Marine Conservatory in Monterey County, California, where they met with docents who taught the group about the ecosystem and protected marine life. The group even got the opportunity to venture onto Alcatraz Island – a focus of many student projects on the history of the penitentiary. The trip pushed the students both mentally and physically and even created new bonds amongst classmates.