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Governor Inslee Visits Grand Ridge to Learn About PBSES

Governor Inslee Visits Grand Ridge to Learn About PBSES

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 20 January, 2017

Grand Ridge Elementary was treated to a visit from Governor Jay Inslee today, as he stopped in to learn about the District's Positive Behavior and Social-Emotional Support (PBSES) program. Governor Inslee’s visit began with a roundtable discussion with educators and administrators to discuss the PBSES program in depth. Staff described the latest research that demonstrations that social emotional learning helps improve academic success and went on to explain how it is being applied by our teachers in their classrooms and efforts to share this information with parents. Most importantly, staff shared the positive impact being seen in our classrooms and school culture. 

Next, the Governor had an opportunity to see how principles of PBSES are embedded in classroom learning by visiting Amanda Gifford’s 1st grade class to observe a lesson. Using images and puppets as props, students worked on identifying emotions in various scenarios with their peers. After the lesson, Governor Inslee read The Bears in the Boat to the class, a book written by himself and first lady, Trudi Inslee. Each student gave the Governor a high-five on his way out and thanked him for visiting.

Families who are interested in learning more about PBSES and how it is integrated into ISD classrooms are invited to a workshop on January 26 at 6:30pm, taking place at Maywood Middle School. Additional information and helpful documents and videos are also located on the PBSES portion of the district website.