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Grand Ridge is Kindness Certified!

Posted by User Not Found on 2 March, 2015

During the week of January 26-30, Grand Ridge Elementary School students participated in The Great Kindness Challenge and performed more than 27,000 acts of kindness. Students were part of more than 109 million kind acts performed by 2,193,284 students in 4,142 schools in 45 countries. These acts helped create a culture of kindness throughout the school and included holding open doors, making new friends on the playground, and volunteering in the classroom to helping a friend with homework. All acts of kindness, big or small, led to Grand Ridge Elementary’ s official designation as a 2015 Kindness Certified School by the Kids for Peace Experience Organization. This designation was made possible with the help from the Grand Ridge Student Council, teachers Allison King and Mckay Huttle, and PTSA volunteers like Katie Short.