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Author Iain Reading Visits Cougar Ridge Elementary

Author Iain Reading Visits Cougar Ridge Elementary

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 21 November, 2016
Students at Cougar Ridge Elementary were recently treated to a very special visit from Iain Reading, author of The Dragon of the Month Club. While traveling to the Seattle area was not in Reading’s initial plans when attending Vancouver Comic Con earlier this month, after seeing a blog post from Cougar Ridge’s librarian, Mrs. Hembree, he decided to reroute his trip to make a special stop. Reading came across one of Hembree’s posts on her blog where she tells the story of a group of students who were so inspired by his book that they created their own dragon of the month to honor the story. After seeing their story, Reading knew he had to make the trip to visit these special fans.

During his visit Reading met with all fifth grade classes, as they are in the process of reading the book in class. He brought a specially printed Cougar Ridge Elementary version of The Dragon of the Month Club book that students were able to purchase in advance of the visit, and Reading signed all copies while he was at the school. Reading answered many questions from the students, including inquiries about the publication process, his other book series – Kitty Hawk, and also handed out prizes. 

After presenting to the fifth grade students, Reading had a special lunch with the girls who inspired his trip to Cougar Ridge. Other students who were selected through a contest were able to meet with Reading for lunch in the library as well. The crafted dragon that inspired the visit was present at the lunch for Reading to see, and gifts were given out including custom buttons, custom m&ms, and a dragon symbol necklace. Reading even created a specific version of the book for the five girls who inspired his visit, gifting them each a copy. In this version of the book each student is a character in the book. One of the girls who moved prior to the author visit was able to video call into the library so she could also be a part of this special day.