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Eason Chen with his third-place photograph

IHS Photo Students Snap Up Awards at State Competition

Posted by Devin Felix on 17 June, 2019

IHS photography students made their mark at the 2019 Washington State High School Photography Competition. Eason Chen earned third place in the People category, which was also selected for the Jones Soda Award, which means it will be printed on 250,000 Jones Soda bottles. Eason's photo is part of a traveling exhibit that will be on display at three locations around Seattle through 2019, including the Seattle Art Museum.

Eason also earned two Judges Select ribbons in the People category and a Judges Select ribbon in the Landscape category.

Lillian Zhu won fourth place in the Architecture category and a Judges Select ribbon in the Documentary category.

Connor McKee-Sargent was a finalist in the Manipulation and Portrait categories and got a Judges Select ribbon in Manipulation.

Giovanni Jennings won a Judges Select ribbon in Landscape, and Mason Maron won a Judges Select ribbon in the Animal category.

Issaquah High's 41 entries were among 3,500 entries from 66 schools across the state, which makes it the largest high school photo competition in the U.S.

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