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IHS Sports Med Team Wins National Championship

IHS Sports Med Team Wins National Championship

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 8 June, 2018

Over the first weekend in June the Sports Medicine National Championships scores were announced, and the Issaquah High School Sports Medicine team won the National Title! In addition, Jack Latham (12) was named the Individual National Champion, and all 15 members of the team earned All American Honors (finished in the top 25 individually). There were over 300 schools with over 3500 students competing at this year’s National Championship.

IHS Sports Medicine teacher and coach Todd Parsons states, “It is hard to put into words how amazing of an accomplishment this is and how proud I am of these students. To see the passion and commitment these students put in to represent themselves, their classmates, the school, and our District is incredibly humbling.”

Congratulations to all! Below is a listing of the IHS Sports Medicine National Championship Team and their individual accolades from the competition:

Jack Latham (12) - Individual National Champion
Sophia Cuschieri (11) - T-2nd Place
Torin Crockett (12) - T-2nd Place
Cameron Thomas (12) - 4th place
Katie Kleinkopf (11) - 6th Place
Madhav Kannan (11) - 8th Place
Grace Stretz (11) - 9th Place
Preston Hunter (12) - 10th Place
Andreza Lins (12) - 13th Place
Stephanie Pau (12) - T-14th Place
Alex Schmidt (12) - T-14th Place
David Jackson (12) - T-18th Place
Daniel Zipfel (12) - T-20th Place
Ian Stuart (11) - T-20th Place
Aubrietta McCrone (12) - 22nd Place