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Picture of Isobel Grudin smiling

IHS Student Film Wins National Award of Excellence

Posted by Devin Felix on 14 May, 2019

Have you got five minutes and feel like maybe crying a bit? Then check out "One in 13 Million," the national award-winning film by Issaquah High student Isobel Grudin! Isobel's film received an Award of Excellence in this year's National PTA Reflections competition. She was one of only three high school students in the country to receive the award for film. This year's Reflections theme was "Heroes Around Me." Here's what Isobel had to say about her film:

“Becoming a hero does not happen overnight. It is not a job title or something one can vacation from. From the first time a child lays its eyes upon their parents, they see heroes. From then on, for the rest of their lives, parents are striving to be those heroes. When a child has a single parent, that parent works much harder to be their hero. Single parents often go unnoticed for the work they do and the hardships they face. There are thirteen million single parents in the US that selflessly become heroes for their children.