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Imaginations Fly at the PTSA Reflections Reception

Posted by User Not Found on 3 February, 2016

Student artwork from all Issaquah schools was recently showcased in the PTSA Reflections Reception and Gallery. The National PTA Reflections Program is designed to enhance quality arts education. Students in all grades were encouraged to create works of art in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts that embodied the theme ‘Let Your Imagination Fly.” The students that qualified at the building level were showcased at the District level in the PTSA gallery. At the District level student artwork was judged based on interpretation of theme, artistic merit/creativity, and mastery of medium. Students advancing to the Washington State Reflections Competition include:

Apollo Elementary
Max Novak, Grade 4, Photography: Soon You Will Fly
Marisa Schiehser, Grade 5, Dance: Dreamer

Beaver Lake Middle School
Anika Ajwani, Grade 7, Literature: Sibling Rescue
Ishan Parikh, Grade 8, Visual Arts: Mystical Midnight Toys
Shreya Masina, Grade 8, Visual Arts: Bubble Travels
James Huang, Grade 8, Special: I can fly like an eagle when my imagination fly.

Briarwood Elementary
Matthew Bascao, Grade 3, Special: The Sunrise

Cascade Ridge Elementary
Ananth Krishnan, Grade 4, Music: Witch's Craft

Challenger Elementary
Vidhya Narayanan, Grade 5, Literature: The Thoughtful One
Anika Kolagotla, Grade 5, Visual Arts: In My Head
Joanna Turner, Grade 4, Dance: I Can Dream, I Can Imagine, I Can Fly

Clark Elementary
Alexander Shelton, Grade 4, Photography: Lady Liberty Space Needle

Cougar Ridge Elementary
Grace Shigeyama, Grade 3, Visual Arts: Fantasy in a Bubble
Tea Watson, Grade 4, Music: If You Want It

Creekside Elementary
Ella MacDonald, Grade 3, Photography: Heaven
Lucas O'Connor, Grade 1, Visual Arts: My Big Smiley Brain
Addison Trencher, Grade 5, Dance: Fly To Your Heart

Discovery Elementary
Grace Walker, Grade 4, Literature: The Secret Room
Tanisha Kshirsagar, Grade 4, Visual Arts: Colorful Rain

Endeavour Elementary
Albert Weng, Grade 5, Photography: Growing Imagination
Anuj Chandel, Grade , Visual Arts: Bloom Your Bubbles
Jyac Truong-Ho, Grade 5, Film: Let Your Imagination Fly

Grand Ridge Elementary
Anusha Rao, Grade 5, Literature: Reaching out to Earth's Cousin Kepler-452b
Joseph So, Grade 4, Visual Arts: Grand Ridge in Nebula Space
Zoe Mockford, Grade 4, Music: Dance of the Bees
Katherine Farr, Grade 4, Dance: Imagine Dancing Broadway

Issaquah High School
Lauren Rosen, Grade 10, Literature: Imagine a Brighter Future
Ruby Fulford, Grade 10, Literature: Blue Skies Over Grey Lives
Darynn Lung, Grade 12, Photography: Two-toned
Darynn Lung, Grade 12, Photography: Sonic Eclipse
Darynn Lung, Grade 12, Photography: Lady Pareidolia

Issaquah Middle School
Ian Duncan, Grade 8, Photography: Rushing Water
Aaron Ott, Grade 8, Special: Ludwig van Koopa
Francisco Cayere, Grade 8, Special: Wolves
Muktar Osmon, Grade 6, Special: My Favorite Cat
John Gordon, Grade 7, Special: Starry Spongebob
Evan Chang, Grade 6, Visual Arts: Your Imagination Will Take You Places 

Issaquah Valley Elementary
Jhacoli Yang, Grade 5, Photography: Awesome Ducks of Epicness
Haelyn Jeon, Grade K, Visual Arts: My Rainbow Playground
Rose Taheri, Grade 1, Visual Arts: Red Space Wolf

Maywood Middle School
Ella Gage, Grade 7, Visual Arts: Separate World
Manal Sherani, Grade 6, Visual Arts: The World of Imagination
Caitlin Thornhill, Grade 6, Dance: FLY! A Contemporary Piece

Newcastle Elementary
Chiara Bettelli Oukka, Grade 5, Literature: Alice and the World of Imagination
Morgan Heim, Grade 4, Photography: Someone
Elizabeth Cameron, Grade 2, Music: Flying With Butterflies

Pacific Cascade Middle
Savannah Lor, Grade 8, Visual Arts: Splashes of Color
Julia Rucker, Grade 7, Visual Arts: Imagination Tree
Taylor Wang, Grade 7, Visual Arts: Airplanes
Rishit Khare, Grade 7, Film: Operation Snowglobe
Isobel Grudin, Grade 8, Film: Once There Was A … 

Pine Lake Middle School
Mansi Joshi, Grade 8, Literature: A Flying Imagination is a Reality Tomorrow.

Skyline High School
Arya Ajwani, Grade 9, Literature: The Plunge
Julia Hong, Grade 10, Literature: Childhood Voice
Alex Elevathingal, Grade 11, Film: Trophies
Kaley Romero, Grade 11, Music: Journey
Evan Minicucci, Grade 11, Music: Above The Clouds 

Sunset Elementary
Anna Raymond, Grade 5, Literature: The Ballad of Amelia Earheart : The Last Flight
Arine Choi, Grade 1, Visual Arts: I Want To Fly