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An image of Issaquah Middle School from a video showing IMS students' Minecraft recreation of the school

Video: IMS Students Build Their School in Minecraft

Posted by Devin Felix on 23 July, 2020

When the school closure last March meant they couldn't go to their school building, a group of Issaquah Middle School students decided to revisit the school digitally. They teamed up to recreate the school in great detail using Minecraft.

You can check out their handiwork with a video tour on the ISD YouTube Channel.


The students involved in the project were:

Build Leads:

  • Jamie Hsieh
  • Kendra Ko
  • Heechan Lim
  • Calvin Rodrigue

Core Builders:

  • Aeden Brookshire
  • Alex Engan
  • Abraham Jang
  • Kolin Kodama
  • Alex Lee
  • Roy lee
  • Jonathan Tang
  • Sienna Young


  • Nicholas Barran
  • Hugo Buckley
  • Sienna Ishihara
  • Ian Kim
  • Akil Nukala
  • Ms. Spadafino
  • Grayson Young