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Issaquah High School ASB Hosts Spring Multicultural Fair

Issaquah High School ASB Hosts Spring Multicultural Fair

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 16 July, 2018

The Issaquah High School ASB hosted a spring multicultural fair last May, open to all students to participate in. The ASB organizers were inspired to plan the event so that all their peers, as well as those in the community, would have the chance to explore the diversity at Issaquah High, and in turn learn more about and appreciate the various cultures.

The ASB team set out to have as many students participate as possible. Initially set for February, the event was rescheduled so more students could take part, and participation was great! There were 38 contributors, representing 22 countries, with a steady flow of attendees at every table throughout the afternoon. Most displays included an information board, print outs, a flag, and food, with various stations having additional items such as jewelry, dolls, fans, clothing, and more. 

Congratulations to the IHS ASB and student body on putting on a wonderful spring multicultural fair!