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Issaquah High Sports Medicine Team

Issaquah High Sports Medicine Team Tops the AACI National Championship for Fourth Year

Posted by User Not Found on 24 June, 2016

Issaquah High School continues to make a name for itself in the field of Sports Medicine, again taking top honors at the National High School Sports Medicine Competition sponsored by the American Academic Competition Institute. This is the fourth year in a row that a team from Issaquah High has won the national championship. Qualifying schools from all over the nation took a 90 minute, 300 question multiple choice test that covered emergency medicine, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, general sports medicine topics, and a difficult set of questions about the injuries, assessment, treatment, and rehab of the head, face, eyes and neck.

More than 3,500 students from 300 schools around the country competed this year. “I am so proud, humbled, and pretty much in awe of this group of students,” says Todd Parsons, Issaquah High Sports Medicine Instructor. “Their work ethic and willingness to dive so deeply into the material is inspiring. The level of knowledge they strived to learn was equivalent to what a second or third year medical school student would be responsible for learning.” 

In addition to the team win, individual students also placed in the Top 10 Finalists, including Gillian Brandt, Liam Sullivan, Jessica Hart, and Bob Weng. Top 25 All American winners included Kristen Hines, Arman Naderi, Elliott Tan, Tessa Buck, Shreya Kumar, Jessica Gallawa, and Ian Lambert.