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IHS Computer Programming

Issaquah High Students Take 3rd At Programming Competition

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 19 December, 2016

On December 10, Issaquah High School sent 35 students on 12 teams to the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association (PSCSTA) winter Programming Contest. Middle and High School students, in teams of 1-3 people, were given 3 hours to solve as many programming problems as they could. Teams were able to use only one computer device, and were unable to use phones, tablets, or calculators during the contest. Accessing the internet was also prohibited. Teams were able to use the programming language of their choice (including but not limited to C++, C#, Java Perl, Python, Racket, and Whitespace). 

One of Issaquah High’s teams, composed of Kay Lin, Zach Marucheck, and Yu-Ming Tsang, correctly solved 7 problems to take 3rd places out of 68 teams in the Novice division. Congratulations, Eagles!