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Issaquah High teacher Marianne Null Named Premier Law Group Teacher of the Month

Issaquah High teacher Marianne Null Named Premier Law Group Teacher of the Month

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 29 May, 2018

What started off as an ordinary day for Issaquah High School teacher, Marianne Null, turned into an unexpected celebration when her Language Arts class was interrupted by a visitor carrying an enormous check. With the help of Assistant Principal, Mark Jergens-Zmuda, local attorney, Jason Epstein, surprised Mrs. Null with an award plaque for Teacher of the Month along with a $150 cash prize in recognition of her dedication to helping her students succeed. The nomination highlighted Mrs. Null’s unique qualities: her engaging, insightful, and inspirational teaching methods; her hard work and commitment; and her willingness to go above and beyond to support students.

One of Mrs. Null’s students shared how teaching has impacted so many at the school, “Every day when we enter class, she has a genuine interest in our well-being and how we are as people. This small difference means the world to students, and I know so many of us look forward to coming to a class where the teacher genuinely cares so much.” Mr. Epstein was particularly moved by the nomination’s heartfelt testimonial:

“They say that a teacher can change a life, and that is really true with Mrs. Null, because she’s changed how I see writing, and more importantly, how I see myself as a student and person.”

The Teacher of the Month Program was started as part of Premier Law Group’s ongoing commitment to recognizing the outstanding contributions made by King County teachers. “Teachers are so important in our community, and we wanted to show our appreciation for their hard work,” said Mr. Epstein.

If you know a King County teacher who has made a distinct impression or changed someone’s life for the better, nominate them by visiting Premier Law Group’s Teacher of the Month webpage ( and fill out the nomination form.