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Kinder-full bucket party

Kindness Taught is Kindness Learned

Posted by User Not Found on 5 February, 2016

Understanding kindness and being kind to others is one of the many lessons learned in kindergarten. “In the fall our kindergarteners learned about the idea that we all have an invisible bucket inside of us that gets filled up when others are kind to us,” shared Elisabeth, kindergarten teacher at Cougar Ridge Elementary School.

Along with the invisible bucket, Elisabeth’s kindergartners have a shiny silver bucket that they scoop pom-poms into for being kind, helpful, and respectful. To recognize their many acts of kindness throughout the year, students vote on how they would like to celebrate when the bucket is full.

“Our most recent kindness party gave each student the chance to bring a special stuffed animal to school,” explained Elisabeth. During the kindness celebration, students introduced their animals to the class and taught their plush visitors how to show their best behavior.