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Liberty Robotics Team Makes School History

Posted by User Not Found on 20 May, 2016

The Liberty High School Robotics Team recently made school history by competing for the first time at the FIRST Robotics World Championship in St. Louis, MI. During the competition, the team competed against 24 countries and formed alliances with teams from China, Australia, Canada, and the United States. After the team’s first match, they were ranked last in the competition. The team later formed an alliance with the Iron Patriots from Modesto, CA and moved up in the rankings.

“The experience of learning how to form competitive strategies with teams from other countries was a learning experience for our team,” shared Robotics Club advisor Tod Oney. “We are very proud of how the team overcame adversity, maintained a positive attitude, and represented Liberty High School to finish in the middle of the rankings.”

Congratulation to the Liberty Robotic Team for their dedication and successful build this past year: Suzy Beeman, Joe Bergin, Jared Burnett, Chris Butle, Alex Chapman, Andrew Chappelle, Emily Jacobson,  Jake Foster, Yana Lozina, Naoki Lucas, Jackson Malich, Keelan Masterson, Ben Matsche, Katie Moon, Jargon Ngo, Jill Polson, Patrick Qualm, Sean Szymanski, Mai-Linh  Tran, Aelyn Weiss, and Will Wick.