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Materials Science Winner

Liberty Student to Study Material Science in France

Posted by User Not Found on 12 May, 2015

Tod Oney, Materials Science Teacher at Liberty High School, loves to present and encourage his students with new opportunities.  In 2013 he encouraged Christine Chappelle to attend the American Society for Metals (ASM) Eisenman Materials Science Camp, held at the ASM Headquarters in Materials Park, Ohio. The program brought together thirty students from around the United States, where they had the opportunity to work in small groups with professionals who work in the material science field.

Christine shared, “I worked under Dr. Mike Boldrick who taught me how to use professional-grade equipment to analyze a fracture and how to present my findings for the cause of that fracture. To analyze the fractures, I worked with metallography equipment, scanning electronic microscopes, high powered optical microscopes, heat treating equipment, and even got to try Blacksmithing. This experience stimulated my interest in a career as a material scientist and gave me a greater understanding of the material field and opportunities available. Going in, I had never considered a career in material science, but I learned how much the field coincides with my interest in Aerospace Engineering. I am currently considering a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on materials engineering and structures because of my experiences at the ASM camp last summer.”

Fortunately, for Christine, her enthusiasm in Ohio showed through to ASM coordinators and she was chosen as one of two United State student ambassadors for a similar program in France. This June Christine will join 30 students in Clermont-Ferrand, France. There she will analyze fractures and learn more about material science. Along with this being another opportunity to learn about the field of material science, Christine shared, “it will be a challenge to work in a new language, but I couldn’t have been presented with a better opportunity, because I have been studying French for four years at Liberty!”