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Newcastle Students Find Success at Math Olympiad

Posted by Jake G. on 2 June, 2014
Eleven teams from Newcastle Elementary recently took part in the statewide Math Olympiad hosted by the Washington State Mathematics Council. Throughout the competition, teams completed six different types of mathematical problems. These mathematical challenges included a long problem. Students deduced the surface area of a hand using two methods and communicated their mathematical thinking on five short problems using number sense, algebra, probability and statistics, geometry, and measurements. Based on their success with each mathematical challenge, teams were awarded either a medal or ribbon in the long problem category and the short problem categories. Seven teams received medals and five teams received ribbons. “All students did a wonderful job!” noted math advisors Liza Rickey and Trent Neugebauer. “We are so proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Thank you to all the families that supported Math Olympiad this year.”