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Hey Chuck Snapshot

New School Construction Crews give a big Hello to the Neighbors

Posted by Devin Felix on 19 October, 2020
One day in early September, Chuck Geer looked down from his seventh floor apartment and was surprised and delighted to see a message of greeting, handwritten in 10-foot letters, that addressed him by name.

Chuck and his wife Lynne live at Timber Ridge at Talus, a senior living community that’s adjacent to the site where work on the Issaquah School District’s sixth middle school has been underway since May. Because the Geers’ seventh-floor home offers a great view of the site, Chuck has spent months keeping his fellow residents up-to-date about the work on the school. He takes frequent photos, which he sends in a regular email to interested neighbors, along with descriptions of the progress. Fellow Timber Ridge resident Werner Henn makes YouTube videos documenting the project using Chuck’s photos and commentary, along with other residents’ photos and information available from the District.

Chuck and Lynne Geer, residents of Timber RidgeWorkers at Cornerstone General Contractors, which is leading the project, had learned about the residents’ interest in their work and Chuck’s efforts to document it, and they thought it would be polite to say hello. They spray painted giant pink letters across the concrete lid of an underground storm retention vault. The message read, “HEY CHUCK – HI TIMBER RIDGE.”

It was a welcome surprise. “I have never been so honored,” Chuck wrote in an email to Cornerstone project superintendent Colm McGlynn. “I love it!”

Chuck says following the school construction has been welcome entertainment as he and the other Timber Ridge residents have cut back on their social activities to help prevent COVID-19.

The message and the storm vault have since been buried, but work on the school continues. The Geers say Timber Ridge residents are happy to have the new school going up in their neighborhood, and not just for the diversion it provides during a pandemic. Residents look forward to the walking trails that will be near the school, and they’re happy to have the bustle of a school community next door, rather than high-density housing, a business park or other alternatives. 

Middle School 6 is one of two projects currently underway in the District, along with a 16th elementary school on Issaquah Pine Lake Road. Learn more about our construction and renovation projects at our Capital Projects webpage