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Kateri Brow Memorial School Art Collection

Posted by Jake G. on 26 June, 2014

The newest piece to be added to the district’s Kateri Brow Memorial School Art Collection was introduced to an appreciative crowd at the June 25 school board meeting. Superintendent Ron Thiele helped Thomas Rosario, a first grader in the 2013-2014 school year from Sunset Elementary, unveil his artwork titled, “The Bird”. In his artist’s statement, Thomas wrote “The bird is a young bird, a baby — he hasn’t flown yet but he knows he can, he believes he can. He is ready.” Each year the administration building purchases one or two pieces of artwork selected from the works displayed at the PTSA’s Reflections Art show each year. The Superintendent presented Thomas a check made out in his name for $50.00. The artwork will be displayed in the ISD Administration Building for many years to come.