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Second Grade Mail Express

Posted by User Not Found on 24 February, 2015

Like a well-oiled machine, second graders hurried to their mail processing stations. Some students identified room numbers, some stamped, and others sorted mail for delivery. Learning and participating in the mail delivery process was part of the second grade communities’ social studies unit at Grand Ridge Elementary School. Throughout the unit, students learned about communities, community helpers, and how to be a contributing citizen.During the week of February 9-13, the entire school took part in a letter writing week. Students wrote letters to teachers, teachers wrote letters to students, and family members sent in letters to be mailed. All letters were processed by second grade classrooms at their Grand Ridge Post Office. Sarah Forkner, second grade teacher shared, “I was surprised at how many out of state parents, grandparents, and relatives sent in letters this year. We even had a few letter from family pets!”