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September 16 is Robin Callahan Day in the Issaquah School District

September 16 is Robin Callahan Day in the Issaquah School District

Posted by User Not Found on 16 September, 2016

When Robin Callahan joined the Issaquah Schools Foundation in 1999, little could she guess that within just three years she would become its Executive Director. While her drive and passion to support children and families was apparent to all whom she met or interacted with, how many could have predicted that the power of her advocacy would take the Foundation from an entity raising $220,000 supporting two programs, to a foundation raising $1.7M underwriting a myriad of programs? Countless children, families, and teachers have benefited from her leadership.

Robin has said that she sees endless opportunities to help children reach their potential. While some tend to categorize struggling students as “at risk youth” or “English language learners”, under Robin’s  guidance, the Foundation has recognized that all children struggle,whether a highly capable child who needs extra challenges, a child that connects to school through the Arts, or one who never felt connected at school until they joined the robotics club. As Washington State continues to lag behind the nation in per-pupil funding, Robin and the Issaquah Schools Foundation have come alongside the District, its families, staff, and students, to ensure that all students have access to programs that help them flourish.

Today the Issaquah Schools Foundation is a model for school foundations nationwide. Robin will be taking her own brand of relentless optimism for the mission of school foundations to assist the National Schools Foundation in how to work with district personnel in developing programs that meet the needs of their communities as well as effectively development donor relationships and raise much needed funding for schools across America. 

From all of us at the Issaquah School District, our heartfelt thanks for your vibrant vision and leadership. Friday, September 16, 2016 is officially Robin Callahan Day in the ISD, but your legacy and the strength of the Issaquah Schools Foundation moving forward will be working for kids every day.