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Science Exploration at Grand Ridge Elementary School

Posted by Jake G. on 9 April, 2014
Grand Ridge Elementary School recently hosted their PTSA-sponsored Science Fair and Expo. More than 650 guests attended the event, that showcased 120 student science fair projects created by 149 students. “Our students demonstrated so much talent and creativity” praised principal Christy Otley.“We would like to give a big thank you to the Science Fair Committee members, who brought this great event to life: Alisa George, Alicia Spinner, Carrie Mount, Carolyn Kennedy, Cheryl Gilbert, Danielle Graham, Jen Rapkin, Lynn Erskine, Nathalie Isensee, and Theora Dalupan.” Both teachers and parents played a large role in getting students excited about science with their own exhibitions on a variety of topics. Mrs. DeTolla stretched the minds of students back to prehistoric times, Mrs. Rappin lead students through a world of fossils, Ms. Christenson showed students the mammals of Washington; and Ms. Jones taught students about whales. Parents also exhibited exciting experiments including: Antibody 2D Models by Janhavi Bhandari and Anh Leith; DNA and Me, by Bryce Lakely; Balloon Blast by Doren and Alicia Spinner; Dry Bubbles by Steve Santi; and Imagination Circle by Alex Games.