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Skyline and Issaquah Students Challenge their Japanese Language Skills at Largest Japanese Contest in the West Coast

Posted by User Not Found on 27 May, 2016

Students from Skyline and Issaquah High Schools recently shared their love of Japanese language and culture at the 33rd Annual Washington State High School Japanese Speech/Skit Contest. This event was held during the Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture Festival and is the biggest high school Japanese contest on the West coast.

The Speech and Skit Contest was designed to promote and improve Japanese language skills of high school students and the contest encouraged students to take the skills they learned in the classroom and apply them in context to speeches and skits.

The following Japanese language students from both schools placed in the speech and skit categories:

In the first-year level Speech category, Shian (Luke) Yin from Issaquah High School took first place, Jennifer Wang and Emily Wang from Skyline High School placed second and third. Henry Dai from Issaquah High School placed third in second-year level speech. In the third-year level speech category Hanrui Dang from Skyline High School took first place and Kathryn Yamabe from Issaquah High School placed second. Nicole McHugh from Skyline High School won the Open Speech/Exhibition category. 

In the Skit category, the Issaquah High School team of Braden Schultz, Anthony Loetscher, Jonathan Trinh, and Adrian Ogden placed second in the first-year level. In the second-year level the Issaquah High School team of Christopher Park, Emily Ko, Jaden Breeland, and Freyana Kapadia took first place and the Skyline High School team of Ray Chiang, Joe Dua, Kevin Kim, Andy Wong, and Will Stickney took second. In the third-year level the Issaquah High School team of Mackenzie McGowen, Claudia Yang, Colten Woo, Akim Milanov, and Sidney Chan took first place and the Skyline High School team of Melissa Carpenter, Camille Goo, Jennifer Dejong, and Sarah Okamoto took third place. In the fourth-year level the Issaquah High School team of Caroline Liu, Justi Johnson, Willam Caras, and Espen Hellevik took third place.