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Skyline Mock Trial Team Argues Whistle Blower or Thief?

Posted by User Not Found on 7 May, 2015

While only in its second year of existence, the Skyline High School Spartan Legal Team competed in the Washington State Mock Trial Championships that featured many powerhouse high school programs with a decade or more experience. 

Throughout the competition, the Spartan Mock Trial Team made legal arguments that either convicted an accused of Computer Trespass or established innocence on the basis of the necessity to protect us all from a greater harm. Prior to the competition, the team spent four months practicing and researching. Local judges and attorneys mentored students after school and on Saturdays to help them understand the many legal issues and entanglements that exist while preparing a case and finally arguing its merits in a court of law. The Spartans finished 16 out of 24 teams and gained considerable experience that will motivate returning student attorneys and witnesses to begin preparations for next year's competition. 

This past school year the Skyline Mock Trial Program witnessed considerable growth and expanded to two full teams. Both entered the District Competition, and one team advanced to the State Tournament. The 2015 Skyline State Tournament Mock Trial Team members include:  Kenyon Andres, Jarod Blieweiss, Kinsey Chapman, Jasmine Cheng, Tianna Cooper, McKenzie Deutsch, Jessica Lederman, Kaite Mangold, Sean McCormick, Alaka Rao, Mike Seeley, Meghana Shastri, Erin Shea, Sunny Tomar, and Guilherme Wassano.