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Skyline Spartabots win World Championship at FIRST Robotics Competition in Houston

Skyline Spartabots win World Championship at FIRST Robotics Competition in Houston

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 1 May, 2018
Congratulation to the Skyline High School robotics team on being named World Champions at this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition! 

In January, the Spartabots #2976 received this year’s FIRST challenge after spending the fall training new members. Details about the FIRST challenge can be found on FIRST Robotic Competition’s website here: After receiving the challenges students spent the next 6 weeks - often 6 days a week for 3-5 hours a day - designing, prototyping, building and testing the hardware and software for the robot to succeed in competitions. 

The team competed in two day events in Mt. Vernon and Auburn Mountainview in February and March, earning enough points to qualify for the Northwest District Championships in Portland. The Northwest region has 155 teams overall, of which 64 competed at the District Championships. Skyline placed 16th of 32 teams, which qualified the team for the World Championships in Houston. 

In Houston, the competition was divided into 6 divisions of around 64 teams from all over the world. Teams played two days of randomized qualifying rounds. At the end of the qualifying rounds a draft occurs in each division, creating eight 4-team alliances. In the Hopper division, team 256 (the top-seeded Cheezy Poofs from San Jose, CA, and winner of four world championships), selected team 148 (the Robo Ranglers from Greenville, TX), the Skyline High School Spartabots, and team 3075 (the Ha-Dream Team from Israel). The alliance proceeded to win every match to win the Hopper division. 

The six division winners then played a set of round-robin matches, playing each of the other division winners once, with the alliance winning all of their matches to continue onto the final two match in Minute Maid stadium that night. In a best two of three format, the Hopper division alliance won two matches in a row to become Houston World Champions!

Congratulations Spartabots!