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Special Olympics Basketball Stars at IHS

Posted by User Not Found on 4 February, 2015

Issaquah special education students participated in a Special Olympics basketball game held at Issaquah High last week. Carrie Dugan, a special education teacher at the school who attended reported, “The game was fun, the band played, the cheerleaders cheered, and the dance team danced—but more importantly the IHS students came to support the team. Some of the students handed out T-shirts and after the game all the players from both teams sat at tables and signed their autographs on the T-shirts. I talked to many of the parents who were teary eyed at this huge gesture of love and support.  One dad said ‘My daughter has always told me that one day she is going to get to sign autographs, today it is true.’  Another dad said that when he told his daughter it was almost time to go she said, ‘Dad, I need to sign everyone’s shirts, they are waiting in line for me.’”