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STAR 1015 Snapshot

STAR 101.5 Honors 2nd Grade Teacher at Creekside Elementary

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 20 April, 2021

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, STAR 101.5 surprised Creekside Elementary 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Kristine Hannley, during her virtual classroom time with news that she was being honored as the STAR 101.5 Teacher of the Week! And this was NO APRIL FOOL’s JOKE! In a local contest conducted by STAR 101.5 radio, Mrs. Hannley was nominated by Melissa James, the mom of Blakely, a student in Hannley’s class.

Mrs. Hannley received a personalized plaque from Trophies2Go and a $101.50 check from STAR 101.5 and the Washington State Potato Commission. Each student also received prizes from the Washington State Potato Commission and STAR 101.5.

STAR 1015’s “Teacher of the Week” recognizes local, deserving teachers for their commitment to the quality education of children: