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Student Artists Recognized Locally and State Wide for Reflections Entries

Student Artists Recognized Locally and State Wide for Reflections Entries

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 9 May, 2019

Students across the Issaquah School District are being recognized for their artistic talents, both by the Issaquah School District PTSA and the Washington State PTA via the annual Reflections competition.

The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition with the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. Young artist get involved through their local PTA or PTSA. A student may submit an entry in any of six arts areas (Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, and Film Production). Only original works of art are accepted. This year’s theme was “Heroes Around Me.”

State results were released in mid-March. The follow students from the Issaquah School District were recognized:

Dance Choreography

  • Outstanding Interpretation (advancing to National) - Joanna Turner, BLMS, "Heroes of History, Heroes of Today"

Film Production

  • Outstanding Interpretation(advancing to National) - Isobel Grudin, IHS, "One In Thirteen Million"
  • Award of Excellence - Max Karpman, IHS, "Our True Heroes"


  • Award of Merit - Anika Ajwani, SHS, "Heroes Around Me"
  • Award of Excellence - Ellie Bell, Apollo, "My Neighbor"

Music Composition

  • Award of Merit - Arshia Fateh, Sunny Hills, "The Journey"


  • Award of Merit - Rouxuan (Emily) Chen, Discovery, "A Helping Hand of Hero"

Visual Arts

  • Award of Excellence - Mary (MeiRui) Chen, IHS, "Underwater"
  • Award of Merit - Stela Szaboova, IHS, "True Hero Shines in Bad Times"

The following students were recognized in January at the District-wide Reflections Reception at Issaquah High School.

Primary Division

  • Ellie Bell, Apollo, “My Neighbor”- Literature
  • Ellie Bell, Apollo, “Heroes Don’t Give Up”- Photography
  • Ruoxan (Emily) Chen, Discovery, “A Helping Hand of Hero”- Photography
  • Felicia Chow, Cougar Ridge, “Most Overlooked Hero”- Visual Arts
  • Thomas Hoki, Newcastle, “Exploring Space”- Visual Arts
  • Srithan Lingam, Challenger, “Sea Pollution”- Visual Arts
  • Ishi Misra, Challenger, “Dr. Smiley is my Hero!”- Visual Arts
  • Rishabh V. Sreejith, Newcastle, “Mom’s Rule!”-Visual Arts

Intermediate Division

  • Lauren Brummett, Discovery, “Firefighters Save the World”- Photography
  • Samantha Burch, Apollo, “The Scientists That Help”- Visual Arts
  • Sebastian Castro-Ayola, Grand Ridge, “My Dad, My Great Hero”- Photography
  • Prachi Chetlur, Apollo, “Ode to my Grandmother”- Literature
  • Henry Daw, Endeavour, “Here’s to my Heroes”- Literature
  • Arshia Fateh, Sunny Hills, “The Journey”- Music Composition
  • Parth Gomber, Endeavour, “My Grandfather-My Hero”- Visual Arts
  • Haifa Haris, Endeavour, “Heroes Without Capes”- Photography
  • Haelyn Jeon, Issaquah Valley, “Everyday Heroes”- Visual Arts
  • Leah Kwak, Sunny Hills, “My Perfect Heroes”- Visual Arts
  • Samantha Lu, Discovery, “The Heroes Around Me”- Literature
  • Mihir Nair, Creekside, “Protestors are Heroes”- Visual Arts
  • Lillian Pak, Newcastle, “Dedicated Love”- Visual Arts
  • Kayvon Pournasseh, Apollo, “Heroes in Action”- 3D Visual Arts
  • Lauren Ralphs, Apollo, “Malala”-Music Composition
  • Akshadha Seshamani, Grand Ridge/Apollo, “Sheroes Around Me”- Literature
  • Akshadha Seshamani, Grand Ridge/Apollo, “Sheroes Around Me”- Music Composition
  • Xishu Wang, Endeavour, “Everyday Heroes”- Visual Arts

Middle School

  • Leo Chen, PLMS, “Speed of a Hero”- Photography
  • Rachel Hoki, MMS, “A Keeper of History”- Literature
  • Ahana Jain, BLMS, “The Greatest Blessing”- Visual Arts
  • Elaina Johnson, PCMS, “Hills of Snow”- Music Composition
  • William Johnson, PCMS, “Duet for Viola and Cello”- Music Composition
  • Suhani Sahai, PLMS, “Paw Patrol to the Rescue”- Visual Arts
  • Lan Grace Shigeyama, IMS, “Magical World of Books”- Photography
  • Urishita Singh, PLMS, “Farmers, The Real Heroes”- Visual Arts
  • Brian Sohn, PCMS, “My Hero, Steven Spielberg”- Visual Arts
  • Joanna Turner, BLMS, “Heroes of History, Heroes of Today”- Dance Choreography
  • Annika Vuppala, BLMS, “Inspiring Heroes”- Literature
  • Yifan Wang, BLMS, “The Holly Tree”- Music Composition
  • Nuoyan Zhang, PLMS, “The Unappreciated Hero”- Literature

High School

  • Anika Ajwani, SHS, “Heroes Around Me”- Literature
  • Mary (MeiRui) Chen, IHS, “Underwater”- Visual Arts
  • Ben Eskenazi, IHS, “Peasants at the Palace”- Photography
  • Isobel Grudin, IHS, “One In Thirteen Million”- Film Production
  • Max Karpman, IHS, “Our True Heroes”- Film Production
  • Adya Mohapastra, IHS, “The Heart Beats to the Rhythm of Hope”- Literature
  • Benjamin Parrott, SHS, “The Glance”- Music Composition
  • Allison Peshek, LHS, “Every Day”- Visual Arts
  • Stela Szaboova, IHS, “True Hero Shines in Bad Times”- Visual Arts
  • Emily Tang, SHS, “Sleepless Heroes”- Literature
  • Shiyu Yu, IHS, “My Hero”- Visual Arts

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*Pictures courtesy of the ISD PTSA – taken at the ISD District-wide Reflections Reception