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First Ever Student Exhibitions Held at Gibson Ek High School

First Ever Student Exhibitions Held at Gibson Ek High School

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 30 November, 2016
Over the last couple of weeks students at Gibson Ek participated in the first ever Student Exhibition showcase. Student Exhibitions aim to focus on promoting the three principles the innovative high school is built on:

1. Learning must be based on the interests and goals of each student (learning plan)
2. Curriculum must be relevant to people and places in the real world (via an internship, project work, etc.)
3. Students’ abilities must be measured by the quality of their work (project evaluation, exhibition, and portfolio). 

During the exhibitions students presented to a panel of advisors and peers what work they have completed so far this year, including academic progress, projects taken on at Gibson Ek of the student’s own volition, and what internship they are a part of or pursuing, to name a few. 

The exhibitions provided a unique, safe environment both for complimentary feedback of the student’s achievements thus far, but also encouraged critical thinking and conversation around where learning could improve and how goals could be adjusted for ultimate success in the future. Advisors and peers on the panel actively conversed with the presenting student throughout the exhibition, asking questions to inspire further thinking, as well as offer praise at projects that went above and beyond.

Students at Gibson Ek participate in three exhibitions a year to showcase their progress, and also participate in a public exhibition in April. The public exhibition will have a similar feel and set up to that of a science fair.