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Sunny Hills Students Take the Screen Free Challenge

Posted by User Not Found on 29 January, 2015

During the week of January 12-16, Sunny Hills Elementary School challenged their students to go “screen free.” Students who took the challenge were asked to find alternatives to watching their favorite TV shows, such as reading a book, family game night, or playing outside.

According to the challenge flier passed out to students, too much TV may increase the risk of attention problems, cause aggression in kids, contribute to obesity, and disrupt normal sleeping patterns. Principal Leslie Lederman shared, “The hope is to get kids to see how many ways they can be engaged without using a screen. We all know that students need to be more active to be physically healthier.”

Throughout the week, students filled out their challenge score card. If they completed an entire week being “screen free” they turned it in with their parent signature during recess Friday for a sweet treat. Sunny Hills Elementary also hosted a “Bingo and Brownies night” to offer a fun family friendly alternative to watching TV.