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The Issaquah School District Hosts 2017-2018 Retiree Reception

The Issaquah School District Hosts 2017-2018 Retiree Reception

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 7 June, 2018

On May 23 the Issaquah School District held a reception for its 2017-2018 school year retirees. Superintendent Thiele was on hand to say a few words, thanking retirees for their years of service not only in our District, but the education community as a whole. Thank you to all the 2017-18 retirees for everything you’ve done for students, fellow staff members, and the ISD community. 

2017-2018 ISD retirees: Susan Berg (PLMS), Mary Berry (Challenger), Laurel Caponigro (PLMS), Barbara Creek (Apollo), Michele Donah (Skyline), Pamela Ferguson (PLMS), Dan Foster (Administration Building), Patrick Ford (BLMS), Jerri Gordon (Discovery), Doug Jones (IEA), Paula Jones (Sunset), Judith Klimke-Williams (Transportation), Trinh Lan (Maywood), Doug Longman (Issaquah High), Jane Lyons (Creekside), Lorre Mark (Endeavour), Debbie Mankee (Transportation), Deborah McBee (Echo Glen), Molly McDonell (Discovery), Holly Miller (Endeavour), Gayle Morgan (Administration Building), Esther Portello (Sunset), Janine Prudente (Cougar Ridge), Rebecca Rappin (Grand Ridge), Kathy Schroeder (Liberty), Mary Simonsen (Newcastle), April Stevens (Creekside), Cynthia Straub (Maple Hills), Karen Stockton (Human Resources), Linda Sweet (Transportation), Suzanne Thoburn (IVE), Suzanne Valach (Liberty), John Varga (Transportation), Shyla Whitcomb (Discovery), and Janell Wildermuth (Sunset).