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“The Jungle Book" a ROARING Success at Apollo Elementary

Posted by User Not Found on 8 February, 2016

Monkey chants, excited calls, and bear growls echoed through the auditorium as Apollo Elementary School students took their seats for the Missoula Children's Theatre presentation of The Jungle Book. This yearly student musical tradition is a popular one at Apollo that many students and staff look forward to. One staff member shared, "I'm nervous and excited for the production this year. It's something we all look forward to."

The Jungle Book began as Baloo the bear shared the story of the man child Mowgli. After which, Baloo announced to the jungle animals that the dreaded tiger Shere Khan was back in the jungle. As the story unfolded, Mowgli decided to protect his family, the wolf pack, by running away. During his adventure, Mowgli was captured by the Monkey People and soon realized that he needed to stick with his family and work together to defeat Shere Khan. Throughout the musical the themes of standing up for yourself, facing your fears, and knowing your friends will support you were prominent themes.

The Jungle Book was cast, rehearsed, and performed by students and Missoula Children's theatre staff in under a week. The fast paced production timeline allowed students to learn about the audition process, acting, rehearsals, lighting, staging, make-up, and more.