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Third Annual Clash of Cans Competition Creates Connections between IMS, PCMS, and Maywood

Third Annual Clash of Cans Competition Creates Connections between IMS, PCMS, and Maywood

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on 29 January, 2019

On January 22, the third annual Clash of Cans competition commenced between Issaquah, Pacific Cascade, and Maywood Middle Schools. The competition started as a way to create connections between middle schools, as well as help ISD community members who are in need. This year’s competition runs until February 4.

The drive benefits Northwest Harvest as its network extends throughout the state of Washington. Rather than counting the number of items or pounds donated, Clash of Cans runs on a point system, which was designed based on NW Harvest’s requested donations list. This encourages students to donate items high in nutrition, rather than unhealthy non-perishables. 

The Clash of Cans point system is as follows:

1 Point:

  • Processed Foods, etc.
  • Artificial sweeteners and/or sugars
  • High sodium content
  • White rice, dried beans
  • Pet Food
  • Water
  • "Other" 

10 Points

  • Stew, Soup, or Chili (low or reduced sodium)
  • Canned Fruit (no artificial or added sugars)
  • Brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain pastas, or lentils
  • Tomato Products and Canned Sauces
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Infant cereal/jars of baby food
  • Shelf milk products (almond, rice, milk, etc.) - 32oz or higher
  • Canned fish or meat (in water)
  • Nut Butter (not Nutella) - 40oz or larger

50 Points

  • Diapers- 80 count or higher
  • Baby formula- 23oz or larger

The competition is currently in full swing! To make donations please send your student with their donation items to school to submit at their homeroom classroom or in the main office.

Best of luck to all!

*Video Courtesy of PCMS*

From Northwest Harvest, “The mission of Northwest Harvest is leading the fight for hungry people statewide to have access to nutritious food while respecting their dignity and promoting good health. Our vision is ending hunger in Washington. Northwest Harvest is the only nonprofit food bank distributor operating statewide in Washington with a network of 375 food banks, meal programs and high-need schools. Through this network, we provide 2 million meals every month.” For more information about Northwest Harvest, please check out their website at