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Two Cougar Ridge Teachers Visit Microsoft to Envision the Classrooms of the Future

Posted by User Not Found on 26 January, 2015

Last week Lucynda Campbell and Kaitlin Parks, two Cougar Ridge Elementary School teachers, had the opportunity to tour Microsoft’s Envisioning Center. For the last five years Microsoft has provided exclusive tours of the Envisioning Center to clients as a way to inspire and ignite enthusiasm for what a future with technology could look like. A parent in Lucynda and Kaitlin’s LRC II Program, David Jones, led their tour and discussed with them various work and home uses for technology. During their tour, Lucynda and Kaitlin had the ability to interact with a multitude of technology designed for all settings including; touchscreen whiteboards, intuitive software, and virtual meetings that connect real people in real time. 

Lucynda and Kaitlin shared, “Some of the hurdles in special education include teaching while taking data, meeting with teams across the District, and identifying alternate ways for students with differing abilities to communicate with their world.”

While Lucynda and Kaitlin are unsure about how future technology will impact their classroom, they are optimistic about the possibility of working with the Gates Foundation in the spirit of bettering the lives of students and creating an efficient workspace based on the unique needs of their program.