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Principal Erin McKee wearing a hardhat and mask at the middle school six construction site. Two construction workers in background.

Update on Middle School 6, Opening Fall 2021

Posted by Devin Felix on 17 December, 2020
There's a lot happening at the site of our 6th middle school! Erin McKee, who will be the school’s first principal when it opens in the fall of 2021, visited the site recently to see how the construction is going and share an update. Middle School 6 is next to the Timber Ridge at Talus Senior Living Community. The 130,000 square-foot building will serve 850 ISD students. Opening this new school (as well as our new elementary school now also under construction) will help the us keep up with growth and provide more space for students at our other schools. This new school is possible because of a voter-approved bond that was passed in 2016. Thank you, voters!
Opening new schools means we need to create new school boundaries to ensure each school has the right number of students. Each school’s boundaries determine which students attend that school, based on their home address. A committee made up of administrators and parents from each of our elementary and middle schools is hard at work creating a plan to determine what each school’s new boundaries will be. You can learn about the committee’s work, including how to watch their meetings and how to share your thoughts on the boundaries, at Learn more about Middle School 6 and our other construction projects at