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Images of five ISD classified staff in the introductory screen for the video series, "Making School Happen"

Video series: Classified Employees Week

Posted by Devin Felix on 11 March, 2019

It’s Classified School Employees Week, and we want to celebrate by introducing some of our incredible classified staff members. We’ve put together a set of five short videos, each focused on a different staff member. Their job duties are all different, but they share an unwavering commitment to serving our students.

Watch the videos on YouTube

These five are just a few of the hundreds of classified staff members in Issaquah School District. Our schools couldn’t run without them. They provide crucial support in classrooms. They ensure buildings are clean, safe and functional. They make school technology work. They drive kids safely to school and back. They prepare the meals that let students focus on learning. They serve students, staff and parents in our offices. 

They show students what hard work and commitment look like.