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Victoria Mott on stage at the Ignite Seattle Education event

VIDEO: Victoria Mott talks about the challenges and rewards of teaching at Echo Glen

Posted by Devin Felix on 17 April, 2019
Victoria Mott teaches science at Echo Glen School, a school operated by the Issaquah School District within the Echo Glen juvenile rehabilitation facility in Snoqualmie, Washington. She spoke recently at the Ignite Education Lab storytelling event in Seattle, where she told the audience about the challenges of teaching incarcerated youth, as well as the joys of watching her students become intrigued and engaged by what they're learning. "In these moments, I forget that we're in prison,” she says. “In these moments, it's a huge reward. We could be in any classroom anywhere in the world." And Victoria would know. She’s taught in five countries on four continents. Watch her speech on the Seattle Times' video page.