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Cyrus Habib Visit

WA Senator Meets with Sunset Fifth Graders

Posted by User Not Found on 20 May, 2016

Washington State Senator Cyrus Habib recently met with about fifty Sunset Elementary fourth graders to discuss their Washington State government studies. An attorney and professor at Seattle University School of Law, Senator Habib holds degrees from Columbia, Oxford, and Yale and has also served in the Washington State House of Representatives. 

Senator Habib described to students how he was blinded at the age of eight when he had cancer. He told students that challenges like his present themselves at all points in life and that some of them may be facing challenges right now like a divorce in the family or the loss of a loved one. He encouraged student to persist and persevere when faced with such challenges. 

He talked to students about how technology had drastically improved his ability to access information and that inclusion drives him to community service. When asked by a student what has been the hardest challenge he has faced since he became blind, he told the audience that it was people who thought he couldn’t do things because of his eyesight and discriminated against him because of it. 

Senator Habib discussed the branches of government both at the state and federal levels, and the process for taking ideas to lawmakers who draft bills and vote to achieve majorities to defeat or ratify the bills into law. He described the difficult process of getting a majority of senators and representatives to agree and finally convincing the governor to agree when making laws. Every student was given his business card that included information in ink and Braille. Sunset Elementary houses one of the District’s vision services departments and several of the vision services students were in attendance at the event. 

The student council presented Senator Habib with a package of kale from the school’s garden as a symbol of the strength and vitality it takes to serve as an elected official.