Daily Announcement May 7

Posted on May 7, 2020

Good Morning PCMS, here are the daily announcements for Thursday,May 7

PCMS students,if you need a better computer at home to work efficiently duringy our distance learning, please fill out a form on the ISD website and request a school laptop.

Today’s celebrity birthday is J Balvin.

The weather today has a high of 67 degrees and a low of 44 degrees.

My lunch today is tacos.

Have a good day! Remember to stay home and stay safe. Signing out, Simran.

Today’s celebrity birthday is Earl Thomas

The weather today is cloudy with a high of 66 degrees

My lunch today is pasta

Signing out

A celebrity birthday today is Mr.Beast

The weather today is a high of 67 and a low of 44

My lunch today is a chicken wrap

Have a good day, and remember to stay home and stay safe! Signing out,