Daily Announcement May 13

Posted on May 13, 2020

Good Morning PCMS, here are the daily announcements for Wednesday,May 13

Did you know that teen author Cat Patrick has daughters that go to PCMS? She has written amazing books including one of Mrs.Steirer’s favorites, Forgotten. Cat Patrick has just released a new book called Tornado Brainand it sounds very interesting! Check out the description on the left side of the library website and maybe it can be your next eBook to read!

(For May 13th)A message from your Counselors:May is Mental Health Awareness Month.Now more than ever before, it is important for the mental health community to come together and show the world that no one should ever feel alone, even with social distancing.We know the COVID crisis has been hard for everyone but Mental Health is not just a crisis. It happens to so many of us daily.If you are worried about a friend,family member, or you are feeling down please seethe PCMS Counseling Website for resources, check out our weekly new letter for helpful activities to keep your spirits up,Or contact thecrisis text lineby texting "hello," to 741-741.