Casey Stookey - Athletic Director

Pacific Cascade Middle (425) 837-5944 phone

Mary Beth Jones - Athletic Secretary

Pacific Cascade Middle (425) 837-5904 phone

Activities Bus Times

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the activities bus picks up students from PCMS at 4:20pm.

Wednesdays the activities bus picks up students from PCMS at 5:20pm.

Activity Bus Routes 2019-2020


If paperwork is turned in past the deadline date - the student cannot participate until a full 24 hours after paperwork has been received by the Athletic Secretary.  If it is a tryout sport all paperwork must be turned in and approved by the deadline date.

Fall Sports

Fall season starts on Monday 9/9 with online registration opening up on 8/12 and closing on 9/6. 

Winter Sports

First Winter Season

Second Winter Season

Spring Sports

2019-2020 Middle School Sports Registration

Sports Volunteer Information


PCMS is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Our teams compete with other teams within the Issaquah School District.
Eligibility: In order for students to participate in any athletic program, they must:
  1.  Maintain passing grades and earn credit in all classes (enroll in at least 4 classes)
  2.  Maintain a 2.0 trimester and cumulative GPA and have NO failing grades
  3.  Clear all fines
  4.  Purchase an ASB Activity Card for $35.00
  5.  Pay the district participation fee of $50.00 per sport season (with a maximum of $150.00 per student across the year) or $20.00 per intramural (Jamboree) sport
  6.  Have a current physical examination completed prior to participation in a sport which must be dated after June 15, 2019. Physicals are valid for 12 months from the date of the exam, and must also indicate a doctor’s approval for “full participation.” A new physical exam will be required each year of participation.
  7. Have completed all athletic registration forms including a physical examination form, medical emergency form, and Coach’s Confidential Emergency Information Form and returned them to the PCMS Athletic Secretary. All forms can be found on our website or in our front office.
  8. Sign an agreement to abide by the Issaquah School District Student Athletic Handbook
Note:  In order to participate in any after school activity, theater, sports, concerts, etc., a student must attend class for at least one-half of the school day. (Exceptions:  Medical/dental appointments, certain emergency absences when approved by either the Principal or Assistant Principal.)   All fines must be paid.
  • ALL students are encouraged to become actively involved in one or more of the sports that are offered.  All students who turn out for a sport are given the opportunity to play at some level.
  • Practices are held immediately after school Mondays through Thursdays – no Friday practices.  Students must be picked up on time.
  • An activity bus (with limited stops) is provided Monday through Thursday for students wishing to participate in supervised after-school activities.  Students must have an Activity Bus Ticket.  Tickets are available from supervising teachers and coaches.  Activity buses leave PCMS at 4:15 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and 5:15 pm on Wednesday.
  • In order to maintain athletic eligibility during the current trimester, a student shall maintain passing grades in all classes.  Grades will be checked 10 days into the beginning of the sport season.
  • If a student-athlete receives any failing grades, regardless of the grade point average, that student-athlete is placed on academic probation for 10 calendar days.  The student-athlete is allowed to continue to attend and participate in practices only.  He/she may not participate in athletic contests during this time.  Grades will be checked again at the end of the 10-day probation period.
  • Academic checks and discipline reviews will be conducted by the Head Coach, and the student-athlete eligibility will be determined by these checks.  If a student continues to fail and/or receive discipline referrals, he/she will not be allowed to participate in athletic competition for the remainder of the season.
The above also applies to participation in PCMS clubs, Theater Productions and the role of Team Manager(s).