Fall Sports - Season 1


TBD - Head Coach


TBD - JV Coach

TBD - Intramural Coach

TBD - Intramural Asst. Coach


Intramural Volleyball is mainly for 6-8th graders who have limited or no experience in Volleyball and has less practices and less games. It is a great way for students to enjoy a sport they are new to or have limited experience in. Limited amount of practices and games. Volleyball Varsity or JV has tryouts and is more for players who have experience and played before with practices or games all 4 days of the week.

September 9th through October 26th, 2021. 


Game Schedule

Thursday Sept. 23 V/JV

Cougar Mountain @ Pacific Cascade

Tuesday Sept. 28 JV/V

Pacific Cascade @ Maywood

Thursday Sept. 30 V/JV

Pacific Cascade @ Beaver Lake

Monday Oct. 4 JV/V

Pine Lake @ Pacific Cascade

Thursday Oct. 7 V/JV

Issaquah Middle @ Pacific Cascade

Monday Oct. 11 JV/V

Pacific Cascade @ Issaquah Middle

Thursday Oct. 14 V/JV

Pacific Cascade @ Pine Lake

Tuesday Oct. 19 JV/V

Beaver Lake @ Pacific Cascade

Thursday Oct. 21 V/JV

Maywood @ Pacific Cascade

Tuesday Oct. 26 JV/V

Cougar Mountain @ Pacific Cascade  edited 9/11/21

All Cougar Mountain home games to be played at:

Rindall Junior High School
1650 SE 60th St, Bellevue, WA 98006


Intramural Practice Dates


Intramural Game Dates

Thursday Oct. 7

Pacific Cascade @ Issaquah Middle

Tuesday Oct. 12
Cougar Mountain @ Pacific Cascade

Thursday Oct. 14
Pine Lake @ Pacific Cascade

Tuesday Oct 19
Pacific Cascade @ Beaver Lake

Thursday Oct.21
Pacific Cascade @ Maywood