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    Emergency Education Learning Resources

    Hello all!  I miss seeing everyone and hope that you are all staying safe and healthy.  While we are out of school, I will be posting a database you may want to explore and a book that you may not have heard of.

    All of the resources will be accessed through your KCLS student account.  You must be in the ebook or database that you want to use and then put in your user name and password, remember, you can't use the log-in button in the upper right corner. A reminder that your log-in is:

    User name: 411+_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (ASB card number)

    Password: _ _ _ _ (last four digits of ASB card number)

    If you want information on past posts, I have listed them here, but you can e-mail me at for more details.

    Week 1  March 23Refugee by Alan Gratz (eBook)

    Access Video For Kids

    (KCLS Database)

    Week 2 March 30Pretend She's Here (eBook)


    (KCLS Database)

    Week 3

    April 6

    The Voice In My Head by Dana L. Davis (Audiobook)Mango Languages (KCLS Database)

    Week 4

    April 20

    Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds (eBook) (KCLS Database)

    Week 5

    April 27

    One of Us Is Next by Karen McManus (eBook and Audiobook)Novelist (KCLS Database)

    Week 6

    May 4

    The Boy in the Back of the Class by Onjali Rauf (eBook)

    Kanopy and Kanopy Kids (KCLS Database)

    Week 7

    May 11

    Tornado Brain by Cat Patrick (Overdrive eBook and Audiobook)Overdrive for Teens (KCLS Database)

    Week 8

    May 18

    The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore (eBook)Comic Websites

    Week 9

    May 25

    The Cage by Megan Shepard (eBook and audiobook)

    Week 10

    June 1

    Strange Birds by Celia C. Perez (eBook and audiobook)Share your websites!

    Week 11

    June 8

    Words on Fire by Jennifer A. Nielsen (ebook and audiobook)KCLS Summer Reading

    Week 12

    June 15

    96 Miles by J.L. Esplin (eBook and audiobook)KCLS Summer Reading and book recommendations



    KCLS eBook and audiobook – 96 Miles by J.L. Esplin

    What happens when you and your brother are staying with neighbors because your dad is away and then the power goes out?  Not a big deal, right?  However, what if it lasts for days and days and the six month supply that your Dad had stockpiled disappears one night?  This is the situation that John and his brother Stewart find themselves in when they decide that they must travel to safety – however, that safety is 96 miles away and they are going to try to get there on foot.  This is the amazing Science Fiction story that you get to experience in 96 Miles.

    Website –

    King County Library System’s All-Ages Summer Reading Program is happening online this year June 1-August 31. People of all ages can register online and track their reading using a service called Beanstack. The goal is to read for 1,000 minutes. More program details are available at

    Looking for some new books to read?  You can check out book talks from King County Middle School Librarians here.



    Pacific Cascade Middle School Library

    Ms. Steirer - Librarian

    To contact Mrs. Steirer, please use the email address above.  Thank you!


    PCMS Online Catalog - Discover what the library has available for you

    What to Read Next - Use this website to help you discover another book that you might enjoy

    Novelist - Use this KCLS database to help discover books you might enjoy, read reviews and more

    In order to log on to KCLS, you will need your ASB card number.  See information in KCLS Databases


    Research is always best when you start with reliable sources.  Most of those reliable sources can be found within database.  King County Library has teamed up with the Issaquah School District to provide database access.  Below are the databases that will be the most useful in your research at PCMS.

    KCLS Databases

    In order to sign in to these databases, you will need your ASB card number.  Click on any database and when prompted, enter:

    User Name: 4 1 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 digit ASB card number)

    PIN/Passcode: _ _ _ _ (Last 4 digits of ASB card number)

    The databases listed below are probably going to be the most useful for you in your research for projects at PCMS.  To see all the databases KCLS has to offer you can go to the student page here

    Britannica Online for Young Adults

    A great place to start your research!  Online encyclopedia that can give different levels of reading and reliable information.


    Country and state reports, articles, maps, videos, statistics and data, photographs, biographies, interviews, and recipes- all focusing on world cultures.

    Daily Life Through History

    History by time periods that gives a good overview of daily life.  Primary sources, articles, and maps all included.


    Reference articles for a variety of topics covering every subject.

    Family Health Database

    Current health information on a variety of topics from reliable sources.

    History Study Center

    Looking for a great place for all your history research?  This database has full-text articles, primary sources, maps, and more!  Covers ancient times through present-day.

    Gale in Context: Biography

    Amazing resource for finding biography resources.

    Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

    Current events and popular debate topics covered in detail! 


    General research database covering a wide variety of topics.


    Other Database Resources

    Facts on File Databases - These are additional databases that the Issaquah School District has paid for and are great resources.  If logging on from home, you will need a user name and password, so please see the password bookmark from the library.  Logging on from school should connect you automatically.  Each individual database is listed below.

    American History

    A great source for American history.

    Modern World History

    You can find information from around the world from 1450-Present Day.

    Ancient and Medieval History

    Needing any information about Ancient or Medieval History?  This is an amazing resource!

    Issues and Controversies

    Looking for a database that will give you all the information on the latest new articles?  This might be the perfect resource.

    FactCite - This database is great for research on biographies, history, science, mythology, countries and more!  The link should automatically connect from school, but if you need to access from home, you will need to use the password bookmark from the library.

    If you use FactCite for a research project in February and March, please take the quick survey found here.


    Image and Video Resources

    Britannica Image Quest

    In this database you will find millions of copyright free images with citations!  See the password bookmark for the username and password.

    Library of Congress

    Use this website to find historical images owned by the US Government.  An amazing digital collection.

    Access Video

    This database gives access to a wide range of videos.


    Newspaper Resources

    There are many resources through KCLS, including different newspapers from different states and countries.  Below are just a few of the many newspaper databases that are available.  In order to sign in to these databases, you will need your ASB card number.  Click on any database and when prompted, enter:

    User Name: 4 1 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 digit ASB card number)

    PIN/Passcode: _ _ _ _ (Last 4 digits of ASB card number)

    To see all the databases KCLS has to offer you can go to the student page here


    New York Times Read articles from the New York Times (1980-present).

    Washington Post

     Read articles from the Washington Post (1987-present). 

    Wall Street Journal

     Read articles from the Wall Street Journal (1984-present).


    Newsbank Resources - These are great resources for finding current information locally and around the world!  Your teacher will have the user name and password, or you can e-mail Mrs. Steirer at 

    World News

    Newspapers, magazines and more from around the world in a variety of sources.

    Research Rocket

    A fun place to find research about a variety of different topics in a fun and engaging format.


    Citation Generators

    If you are looking for tools to help you with citations, remember that databases always create the citations for you and should be used first in research.  However, if there are other times that you need citations, here are a couple of options.


    This is a district paid for tool that helps students will all the different aspects of research.  When you register for a new account and use your school user name (turn your user name into an e-mail address - and create a password.

    Citation Maker

    This is a free resource by the Oregon School Library Information System that walks you through creating a citation.

    Citation Machine

    This free resource helps you to create citations.

    Book Recommendations and TA Weekly Feedback Form

    If you are a Library TA for 3rd Trimester you need to complete the below form on a weekly basis (by Sunday of each week).  However, I would love to hear from all PCMS students, so feel free to give me feedback through the form as well.

    Weekly Reading and Library Feedback Form