Student interaction and participation in class activities are critical aspects of school success. Absences negatively impact student learning.

Attendance Responsibilities

Student responsibilities

  1. Attend all classes promptly and regularly.
  2. Bring a note and sign in with the Attendance Secretary for all late arrivals and early dismissals.
  3. Make arrangements with each teacher for make-up work upon return to school.
  4. Obtain a "Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form" for planned absences of 3 or more days (see below).

Parent/guardian responsibilities

  1. Emphasize to students that school attendance is a priority.
  2. Call (425) 837-5701 or email Attendance before 7:30am each day that your student is absent or send a note to the office, with excuse and parent signature, when your student returns.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrivals

  1. If possible, please schedule appointments outside the school day.
  2. For early dismissals, students should come to the office with a parent/guardian note before the start of the school day or parents can email Attendance, letting the office know of the early release. An authorized adult must sign the student out in the office before leaving. The adult may be asked to show ID and will need to be listed as an emergency contact. If returning the same day, the student must sign in with the Attendance Secretary and will be given a pass to return to class.
  3. For late arrivals, students should come to the office with a parent/guardian note, email or parent/guardian phone call before reporting to class.

Pre-Arranged Absences

  1. When possible, please try to arrange vacations to coincide with scheduled school breaks.
  2. If the absence is for 3 or more days, students should pickup (from the office) a “PreApproved Absence Request Form” to circulate to all teachers for their input and signature. This form also needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Attendance Secretary before the absence. 

Excused Absences

  1. Issaquah School District recognizes the following reasons for excused absences: illness, medical/dental appointments, religious observances, family emergencies, family trips and disciplinary actions as required by law.
  2. Absences for school-related activities and field trips are also excused.

Make-up Work Policy for Excused and Pre-Arranged Absences:

  1. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for make-up work with each teacher prior to a pre-arranged absence and upon returning to school after an absence. Check teacher websites.
  2. Students are given one day to make up missed work for each day of an excused absence unless other arrangements have been made.


Any student withdrawing from school must report to the Registrar's office and obtain a "Withdrawal Form." This must be signed by a parent/guardian, circulated to the appropriate persons and returned to the Registrar. No records will be cleared or sent to another school until this has been completed.

Early Departure (end of the year)

Any student who is planning to leave school before the end of the school year should bring a written note to the Attendance Secretary and pick up an "Early Departure" form at least one week before the departure date. This form should be taken to the appropriate persons listed on the form for their signatures and then returned to the office.

Absence Penalties

  1. Private Dining is a system in place at PLMS to encourage prompt arrival at school. Students with an unexcused tardy to any class will be assigned Private Dining. All students are given one free pass per trimester to get out of Private Dining.
  2. Each unexcused absence will be followed-up with a telephone call or email to parents/guardians.
  3. If a student has five or more days of unexcused absences in a month, a letter of truancy will be sent home.
  4. Excessive excused absences will be addressed by the Assistant Principal.