How will I find my schedule?

Student schedules will be live on August 28th at 8:00AM in Family Access and Student Access.

Each class is 2 hours long.  Will I be in a Zoom session with my teacher that whole time?

Teachers will be making decisions on how to use their 2 hour class to include new learning, building community and having fun in classes. It will include live instruction, time for applications of newly learned skills, group discussions as well as independent work time. Your teacher will let you know what their expectations will be. There will also be a recording of the live instruction that you can view at another time if you could not attend the live session (Asynchronous Learning).

Are cameras required to be on during the class session?

Your teacher will be sharing expectations for camera use in the beginning of class.

Will all class meetings be in Zoom?

Teachers will be able to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams inside Canvas. You do not have to have separate logins for Zoom or Teams as it is built into Canvas.

What is SEL time on Wednesday? How does the Wednesday schedule work?

Teachers will use this time to provide instruction in community building with respect to Social Emotional learning. The rest of the Wednesday schedule is intended for teachers to set up small groups of students to work with the teacher or to provide 1:1 instruction if requested by the teacher.

Will there be electives? 

Yes, all the electives offered at PLMS are available and can be found in your schedule and these classes are available in Canvas.

How will PE work?

PE teachers are working together on a plan for completing PE activities.

Will there still be independent health?

Yes, Ms. Swanson will be sharing more information with students who have enrolled in Independent Health and PE.

What if I have trouble logging in?

There is a tech hotline that will be staffed from 8 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday and the phone number is 425-837-6371.  Technology staff will help solve log in problems and MS365 issues.

How do I log into Canvas?

Go to https://issaquah.instructure.com/login   Username: Typically, this is the first four letters of the last name, first three letters of the first name and last two numbers of the graduation year.  For example, John Smith who graduates in 2022 would have the username SmitJoh22.  Passwords: the 7-digit student ID number followed by ISD (in capital letters). Example: 1234567ISD