Hybrid Learning FAQ's


Middle School In-Person Hybrid Instruction Return to Learning FAQs

What will my middle School student’s schedule look like?
In order to return to in-person instruction with groups of students we will have all five middle schools return to a 6 period day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays will remain remote with SEL learning and student support meetings taking place virtually. 

Students will have the opportunity to access equal amounts of in-person instruction for each of their scheduled classes regardless of which day they are assigned to attend in-person. We plan to start with two days per week per student for in-person learning and hope to expand as conditions allow.  

Because we are running a livestream model, every enrolled student will have a “reserved” or saved seat in each of their classes on the day(s) they are scheduled to attend in-person. If students are not initially ready to attend in-person classes, they can choose to stay fully remote and when ready, fill their saved seat by attending in-person learning on their designated day(s). 

**Please note that middle school start times have been adjusted 10 minutes earlier in order to accommodate the current elementary schedule. Middle schools will start at 8:00 AM on MTTHF and dismiss at 2:25 PM.


What group will my student be in?
We are working with Student Information Systems now to create the student groups. Principals are working to arrange classrooms space to meet CDC social distancing guidelines. In very rare cases, it is possible one class roster could be too large on a given day to fit into a classroom space with our current physical distancing requirements. Therefore a class may be moved to an alternate location OR as a last resort, a student may have his/her/their schedule altered to switch the period a class is taken for another period that class is offered with that teacher. In every case, we will do our utmost to retain the current teacher. 

On the three days of the week that students are NOT assigned to onsite learning they will attend virtually. 

Each middle school will communicate its unique alpha and family student groups via email, Enews, etc. These reflect the slight adjustment made to make transportation possible. Please watch for an Enews notification prior to April 2.


What should my middle school student bring to school? 

  • Confirmation of a daily attestation completed by the parent or guardian.
  • A well-fitting, clean mask.
    • Students are required to wear a cloth face covering or acceptable alternative, which includes a surgical style disposable mask. (Current guidance is that the mask must be of multiple layers and fit snugly over the nose, along the cheeks, to under the chin.)  
    • Students may remove face coverings to eat and drink (see lunch details below).
    • Students are expected to wear their own face covering to school, including when riding on a school bus. Cloth face coverings must comply with school dress code rules, including restrictions on obscene or vulgar material and language. Schools may be able to provide face coverings for students who forget to wear one to school.
  • District issued laptop if student is using one at home
  • Other personal technology if it assists student with schoolwork
  • Any other preferred school supplies; there will be no sharing of materials allowed out of an abundance of caution
  • For safety reasons, middle school students will not have access to lockers. Please bring the supplies you need for class, but keep in mind that students will need to carry all items with them throughout the day. We recommend only bringing items required for that day.
  • Wear clothing that fits the season/weather and dress in layers.
    • Buses will transport students with the windows down regardless of exterior weather.
    • Attestation confirmation and temperature checks will be outdoors.
    • You may have a class that is held outdoors, especially if you are currently registered for PE or music.
    • You may be eating outdoors as well.
  • Personal water bottle, as the drinking fountains will not be accessed except to fill personal water bottles.  
  • Sack lunch that does not have to be refrigerated or heated. School cafeteria lunches will be provided as needed free of charge.  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/family/lunch


Where should my middle school student go upon arrival? 

  • Go to one of the entries designated by your building administrators to show proof of attestation and get a temperature check.
  • See your school’s handbook and website for details on drop off and pick up.
  • You will have to maintain physical distancing after your attestation and before your first class of the day begins. 


What if I forgot to do my attestation?
Students who do not have a parent completed attestation form will not be allowed in class until the attestation is complete. Building staff will contact parent/guardian to complete the attestation for the student.


How attendance will be taken?
If a student needs to stay home for any reason on their assigned day, she/he/they should attend virtually if well enough to do so. They will be marked present for virtual attendance just as they are now. The process for reporting asynchronous attendance (outside the scheduled school day) is unchanged. Please call 425 837 5701 or email plmsattendance@issaquah.wednet.edu or use this link to report absences/asynchronous attendance.

What about restroom use?
Each schools’ Return to In Person Handbook will detail a system for minimizing the number of students in a restroom at one time.


What about water fountains?
You may fill a water bottle at the fountain but you may not drink directly from it. Your water bottle should also not touch the nozzle. If the fountain has a button or lever, use your elbow to push it.  Wash or sanitize your hands after use. 


What will lunch look like?
Please see your school’s handbook for details. Physical distancing will be required and students will be assigned to specific locations. Administrators will need to know where students are during lunch in the event of any contact tracing that might need to be completed.   

Students may bring their own lunch as they have in the past, but students may NOT share food with fellow students. Parents may not arrive at the school to drop off a forgotten lunch, as we are not allowing visitors in the buildings at this time. School lunches will be provided to students free of charge.  No ala carte items will be provided. See the attached link for monthly lunch menus.  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/family/lunch  


What will music classes look like?
District office staff read and followed the national guidance on methods for music instruction. We researched personal protective equipment (PPE) using this guidance and with colleagues around the state who were already in-person. We worked collaboratively with our music teachers to identify preferred PPE for student musicians. We began this process in late February and settled on the items to order in early March based on current headcounts and instruments types for students enrolled in choir and instrumental music classes. There will be additional physical spacing between students in music classrooms and music output including singing will be limited to not more than 30 minutes per class period. Please see your music teacher for more information.


What will my student do if one of his/her/their teachers is unable to teach in-person?
Staff who are unassigned that period will supervise students attending in person. All students, regardless of in person or remote status, will be virtually accessing a teacher who must teach off site or remotely. An in person student’s learning period could happen in a school library, for example, and once class is over that student will go to his/her/their next in-person class.


What is the plan for state testing this year? 
The State of WA submitted a waiver request to the federal government that allows more flexibility in state testing. They have proposed, for the middle schools, testing a sampling of seventh graders in math only, and eighth graders only in science this year as well as conducting the diagnostic testing of our English language learners. The decision will likely be made as to which schools have been chosen to test on 3.31.21. Your school will put more details in building E news about state testing as we have them.


What has been done to the HVAC systems to mitigate exposure to the coronavirus?
District ventilation systems are designed to exchange the air in an interior space at least every 15-20 minutes. Based on EPA, CDC, and ASHRAE recommendations, the District has implemented the following strategies as part of a multiple layer approach to COVID mitigation: 

  • Filters have been upgraded from MERV 8 to MERV 13, where possible.
  • Air filters are changed on a quarterly basis at a minimum.
  • Outside air dampers have been opened to the maximum extent to allow as much fresh air into the building
  • Ventilation systems are running a minimum of 16 hours per day to completely change over air several times overnight
  • Windows (where available) are opened to promote air exchange and allow even more fresh air into spaces


What is the plan for spring sports at the middle schools?
Registration for Track is open in FinalForms and will close on April 19. Track season will start on Monday, April 26 and end on Thursday, June 3. Track practices and competitions will be unique to each building and dependent on the number of students that complete the registration process. Mask wearing and social distancing as recommended by WIAA Return to Play Guidelines will be followed.  Updates regarding Track will be sent via school Enews.