L.I.V.E. Attendance Procedures

Attendance during Remote Learning:
Attendance during remote learning is similar to in person learning. The daily tracking of each student in each class period is required and essential. We highly encourage students to attend L.I.V.E. virtual class with their classmates and benefit from peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction.

Daily attendance (logging in to each class in Canvas) is an expectation even in the remote setting. Teachers take attendance at the start of each remote class period. To be marked present for each class/period, the student must login during the L.I.V.E. scheduled period/class time, or login to the class/period some other time during the day (asynchronously), up to 11:59PM.

Note: If a student was absent on Tuesday and did not login to the class asynchronously on Tuesday, but completed and submitted Tuesday’s classwork on Thursday, this would be an indicator of participation, but does not change Tuesday’s attendance from absent to present.

New this year, in an effort to simplify asynchronous attendance reporting, we have added to our homepage a Parent and Guardian Attendance Reporting button. If your student participated in asynchronous learning, click this button, fill in the boxes and submit directly to our attendance secretary. Please use the parent/guardian email associated with Family Access to report absences.


Excused Absences and Asynchronous Participation:
If your student will be absent for any reason or will be participating in their class/period asynchronously please notify the attendance office by one of the following methods:

If you have any questions about attendance please contact Karen Lobo via  plmsattendance@issaquah.wednet.edu.


Early Dismissal and Late Arrivals:
If your student will be late to a period or has to leave the period early, please email Attendanceas well as his/her teachers or call the attendance line at 425-837-5701. It is not enough for just the student to inform the teacher, a parent confirmation about missing part of a period is required in order to excuse the absence.


Doctor’s Appointments:
If your student has a medical appointment or any other appointment during the day and will be missing the entire period, email Attendance, use the “Parent and Guardian Attendance Reporting” link or call 425-837-5701 in order to excuse the absence. See “Early Dismissals and Late Arrivals” if they are missing part of a period.


Tech Issues:
If your student had tech issues accessing a class or is late to class due to tech issues, please email Attendance, so that attendance can be updated.


Pre-Arranged Absences:
If your student will be out for 3+ days and will not be participating asynchronously or remotely, please fill in the
Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form and email it to Attendance.